Pets Have 7 Times the Oxidative Stress than People

There are over 165,000 Published Peer Reviewed Studies on Oxidative Stress as of July, 2017

Protandim, has been validated by peer-reviewed studies. These studies have been conducted at some of the world's most respected research institutions.


Oxidative stress, generated through the process of living life (eating, sleeping, breathing, exercising), is inevitable for everyone. Oxidative stress occurs when our cells generate dangerous byproducts known as free radicals. Free radicals, highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons, roam the body in search of other electrons and in the process, seek out and destroy healthy cells.  As your cells die... your body and organs age and become more susceptible to disease.



In scientific tests, scientists ground up Protandim and put the powder on live human healthy cells and on live cancer cells.   In three days the healthy cells were thriving and the cancer cells were all dead. 




At the very center of our cellular protective pathway is a protein called “Nrf2” that serves as a “master regulator” of the body’s antioxidant response. You might think of Nrf2 as a “thermostat” within our cells that senses the level of oxidative stress and other stressors and turns on internal protective mechanisms.


When activated, Nrf2 turns on the production of specific antioxidants the body needs to fight cellular stress effectively. Turning on Nrf2 creates a cascading effect that results in the production of several very powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants do a much better job at combating cellular stress than dietary, vitamin or phytochemical source.




CASSIE (dog)

LANA (dog)

BOB (dog)

ZAMORA (horse)



This dog below was in the yard pushing down on its tongue with its paw and pulling on it.  This made the owners look to see what was going on, and they found this.  They decided to give their dog Protandim because their vet thought they should.